Jewelry is a timeless and empowering gift from nature that brings loving joy and elevates the spirits of the wearer. Fine jewelry like diamonds and precious colored gemstones have the longevity to transcend time by retaining their commercial value over the years while also maintaining their endearing, romantic symbolism through the generations.

It is our passion to offer creative and elegant fine jewelry that tell stories and inspire women to pursue their dreams and excel in their lifestyles. Our jewelry are hand-crafted by skilled artisans with fine craftsmanship, combining our love for precious metals and natural gemstones with attention to detail and a focus on perfection, creating jewelry that adorn women with the most beautiful elements nature has to offer.


Our founder, Yan Li, was born in China and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007, where she earned her BA in International Marketing and Sales Management.

In 2014, Yan Li was introduced to amber at a conference in Copenhagen and was immediately intrigued by the magical stones. Amber is the Nordic gold and the only gemstone that holds time. It often contains the earthly remains of ancient lifeforms, such as plants and insects from at least 35 million years ago. Yan Li fell in love with these beautiful, enchanting stones and started her business as Sinodic jewelry – Splendid Beauty from Nature.

Throughout the lifetime of the amber jewelry business, Yan Li has been learning by doing. She has traveled to the International Gemological Institute (IGI) in Belgium to refine her skillset and consolidate her position as a professional jewelry designer and graduate gemologist. The founder strives for excellence in creative designs and impeccable quality and continues to create joyful and inspiring fine jewelry that can be worn with pride and treasured through the generations.

When making her jewelry designs, Yan Li often finds inspiration from the fascinating Mother Nature as well as her own extensive travels, which have brought her from tiny antique markets to magnificent jewelry exhibitions, from historical cities like Cairo to modern, man-built miracles like Dubai. She is passionate about creative jewelry designs and collaborates readily with remarkable talents from the jewelry and fashion industries to enhance her business.




Sinodic Jewelry was established in 2014 in Copenhagen, the glorious capital city of Denmark. We are dedicated to creating unique jewelry with innovative features and an elegant essence, to embellishing women with fabulous appearances, and to enhancing their confidence to pursue their dreams and excel in their lifestyles.

Since 2015, Sinodic Jewelry has collaborated with talented jewelry designers across Europe and Asia. With the background as IGI-accredited designer and graduate gemologist, our founder carefully selects unique trendy and elegant jewelry collections, and our ever-growing product categories include accessories, silver and gold jewelry, pearls, diamonds and colored gems.

We have close partnerships with highly reliable diamond dealers from the World Diamond Center in Antwerp, offering customized jewelry designs with superior-quality diamonds. When designing customized diamond jewelry, we approach each order individually, tailoring our service to the customer from the initial query, through the stone-selection process, as we confirm the design, and until the final product has been manufactured to perfection. Depending on the complexity of the designs, we combine the technology of digital 3D modeling and manual craftmanship to produce diamond jewelry.

Our Vision: We serve our customers with a wealth of professional knowledge and high-quality products with the aim of becoming a well-known jewelry brand from Denmark.


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