AD Jewellery (former name: Audrey Du Jewellery) is a local, handmade Jewellery Brand. AD Jewellery was founded by Diana in Copenhagen in 2021, after the name of her lovely daughter Audrey Du, with a vision to create unique and every day jewellery that does not hurt your skin and last for years, and excel women’s beauty and elegance.

AD Jewellery dedicates to provide fine jewellery with a focus on unique customized design and quality, offering special collections handmade with love. Each design piece is limited quantity and has its own soul and story, that brings positive spirit and energy to her owner. 


 When creating jewellery, Diana finds her design inspiration from the fascinating mother nature as well as the strong Asian heritage and  beautiful experience in the world.  Each piece of AD Jewellery has been inspired by a moment of love, joy and memories. All AD Jewellery are thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted and packed with love by Diana. AD Jewellery share the love and happiness to each AD Jewellery and bless every AD girl be strong and be happy. Whatever the life goes and changes, AD Jewellery will being with you all the time. 


AD Jewellery aims to provide classic and timless jewellery to women that are favor of pearls and color gemstones. All the materials applied in the collections are quality culture pearls and nature color gemstones, mostly with 925 sterling silver and 14k gold filled setting, to ensure skin friendly wear experience. All AD pieces will always nickel free, tarnish resistent and skin friendly. (To check 14K Gold-filled vs gold plated ) AD Jewellery offers all the materials include solid gold customized fine jewellery based on customers inquiries.

Vision in 2022

In 2022 AD Jewellery will bring more timeless and essential designs to our dear customers. Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, you can be confident that your AD Jewellery will create to your every need. Welcome to become our AD girl and thanks for joining our unique beauty journey.



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