All gemstones have specific physical structures and chemical properties, and we recommend that you take good care of your jewelry during daily use. Treat them with cautious care in order to preserve their original gloss and elegance.

It is generally recommended that you avoid scratches and contact with chemical liquids, perfume, hair spray, and washing liquid when wearing the jewelry, as exposure to these irritants can easily reduce the gloss of the jewelry. Do not wear your jewelry during physical exercise of any kind. Housework, swimming, and any other sports activities may damage your fine jewelry.

After daily use, we recommend storing your fine jewelry in their original jewelry box and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and humid environments. Do not expose your jewelry to the moisture of the bathroom for long periods of time. Fine jewelry adorned with diamonds and precious stones should be worn with caution and examined after a certain period of usage to avoid the risk of losing the stones.


Gold Filled Jewelry

What is Gold-filled?

Gold-filled could be the next best choice to solid gold with a high price tag. Gold-filled contains at least 5% of solid gold and made through an old-fashioned technique. That means a thick layer of solid gold is bonded onto the base layer, usually silver or brass. 95% of our collection are made with gold-filled materials from USA.

Why we choose Gold-filled?

Since gold fill has a much thick layer of gold on the inner metal such as brass or silver, so the Gold fill Jewellery will last longer than gold-plated. All gold fill is hypoallergenic and sensitive-skin friendly. 

 Care Guide:

-Gold-filled is safe to wear in the water. Considering for long term using better avoid any prolonged wetness, salt water, or cosmetics and chemical substances.

-Gentle care, store your jewelry in your jewelry box to avoid moisture and metal on metal rubbing

- To maintain shine, regularly use our polishing cloth to wipe away dirt, sweat etc.


 Pearls Jewelry Care 

Pearls are organic gems with various colors. They are formed within the shell of pearl oysters and are expensive as far as natural gems go. The most valuable pearls occur spontaneously in the wild, but these are extremely rare. Cultured or farmed pearls from pearl oysters and freshwater mussels make up the majority of pearls currently sold on the market.

Pearls are delicate gems, and need to be handled with extra care. Their low resistance to heat and chemicals means that you need to avoid contact with creams, perfumes or similar. Simply rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.


Colored Gemstone Jewelry Care

There are more than 3,000 kinds of minerals in nature, but only a few dozen of them are considered natural gemstones and used to manufacture jewelry. The most famous, precious natural gemstones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and chrysoberyl (cat’s eye).

Apart from diamonds, all gemstones are collectively categorized as colored gemstones, including diverse semi-precious stones such as tanzanite, opal, aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, peridot, garnet, moonstone, and turquoise, etc.

Colored gems are natural mineral crystals. They come from the depths of the Earth, and they are often hidden in the rivers and seas. Impurities, variations and inclusions are the main characteristics of colored gemstones. All their natural features come together to create a unique beauty that prides itself on being natural rather than on being perfect. Natural gemstone is one-of-a-kind, and each piece of jewelry made from colored gemstone is a unique treasure with its own, individual charm.

Colored gemstones are fragile and do not possess the same durability as diamonds. When wearing colored gem jewelry, avoid scratching the jewelry with diamonds and other hard objects, and protect them from exposure to chemical liquids and humid environments. Gently use a soft toothbrush and tepid water to maintain and clean the colored gemstones, and apply neutral oil to keep the gloss. 


 Gold-plated Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is composed of a solid, inner material like sterling silver and an outer material like 18k yellow, white or rose gold, rhodium.  Avoid heavy usage, as this can lead to the outer material rubbing off slightly. Over time, the outer material is likely to wear away, and this is considered a normal result of use rather than a defect. Gold-plated jewelry should be treated with the same caution outlined above to ensure that your pieces last as long as possible.

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